Charlotte and Hilly’s Christmas Brunch

Hey everybody Cathy and I put this slideshow together of the Christmas Brunch we had today.  I started a blog to distribute the show.  I will keep the blog and manage it.  If you want to post something going on in your life, send me email and I will post the story. My email is .  Also if you click on the “follow” button to the right and follow instructions you will receive an email whenever a post is made so you can keep up with the family news.


One thought on “Charlotte and Hilly’s Christmas Brunch

  1. Reblogged this on House Values In Montgomery and commented:
    Here’s a video my brother-in-law put together late today with pics from our family Christmas gathering at my parents today. How great that we have our parents happy & healthy and ALL the four children, their spouses, seven of the eight grandchildren, five of their spouses, nine great grandchildren and two on the way. Whew! That’s alot of folks. Merry Christmas!

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